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หน้าแรก Biomaterial การบรรยาพิเศษ Application of Cultured Muscle Cells to Medical Engineering

การบรรยาพิเศษ Application of Cultured Muscle Cells to Medical Engineering


เรียนเชิญ เข้าฟังการบรรยายพิเศษ
เรื่อง Application of Cultured Muscle Cells to Medical Engineering
โดย Prof.Shigehiro Hashimoto, Ph.D. & M.D.
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan

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Application of Cultured Muscle Cells to Medical Engineering


1) Cultivation of Muscle Cells (myoblasts)

Adhesion of C2C12 (mouse myoblast cell line originated with cross-striated muscle of C3H mouse) to the culture plate is accelerated with alternating magnetic field of 13 mT.  The cells tend to tilt to the direction of the static magnetic field of < 270 mT.  Proliferation of C2C12 and of L6 (rat skeletal muscle cell) decelerates with the amplitude of electric pulses lower than 0.1 V.

2) Development of Scaffold

A novel culture methodology with the vortex flow of the medium has been developed to make myotubes array in vitro.  A7r5 (rat aortic smooth muscle cell) and CS-2P2-C75 (primary normal porcine aortic endothelial cell) line along the streamline of the flow.  C2C12 and L6 (rat skeletal muscle cell) adhere along the direction of the flow in the first stage, and tilt to the perpendicular direction to the flow differentiating to myotubes with fusion in the second stage.  Cells tend to tilt, deform and migrate to the direction of downstream and downward before exfoliation.  Several scaffolds were fabricated with the aid of the stereo-lithography system.

3) Analysis and Measurement of Muscle Movement

Fluctuating intensity of the transmitted laser beam through the contracting myotubes (C2C12) was measured, and its spectrum was analyzed. The results show that the contraction is synchronized with stimulation of the periodical electric pulses between 0.2 s and 2 s.

4) Actuator Made of Cultured Muscle Cells

The experimental results show that the amplitude of contraction is maximized when the direction of the electric field is parallel to the longitudinal direction of myotubes (C2C12), and that the rate increases when the myotubes are oriented parallel each other.  The contraction of myotube converted to movement of the micro-machined lever.  The micro actuator was made of myotubes cultured on the collagen gel.

5) Functional Maintenance of Remodeled Muscle Tissue

The designed optical system was effective to measure local medium pH and movement of contracting myotubes (C2C12) simultaneously in vitro.

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